Today I did something a little bit crazy.  At first I didn’t want to do it! I thought it was a bit silly, but I did it anyways. I told myself this morning that I was beautiful, smart, kind and important. I wrote in RED lipstick on my mirror… “I am beautiful!” When I woke up I wasn’t feeling very beautiful. I’ve heard a few people say recently they don’t feel beautiful or feel down after comparing themselves to someone else. So I decided to make today’s post about that! Hope it helps someone!


Sunday night on the way home from dinner with a couple of our good friends, we saw this brand new Mustang. The girl in the passenger seat had bleach blonde hair and was very pretty. At first I felt inferior. Then I really looked at her face and saw her expression. It was one of those I am better than you looks. She was laughing at my husband and I. I realized right then and there that I was prettier than she was. Who she was inside was ugly. She may have been pretty on the outside but she was ugly where it counts.

When we glance in the mirror we instantly criticize ourselves. We find every flaw. Mirrors can be good. They reflect light and can help you make sure you don’t have broccoli in your teeth. Mirrors can also be bad. They can give you a false vision of yourself that can make you feel ugly, fat, stupid, worthless, not good enough and undeserving.

I chose Lies From The Mirror as the name of this blog because I was sick and tired of feeling and thinking those nasty things above and seeing others feel that way as well! I often lack confidence. I am afraid that people will judge me based on if I had time to put make up on this morning or not. I worry that people will choose not to like me before they know me. It’s sad, but a lot of people do judge others based on appearances only.

Lies from the mirror are lies from the devil. I chose a cracked mirror for the background because we need to shatter those lies and stand up and say I AM BEAUTIFUL!!! I am a princess! A royal heir to THE KING of KINGS! I am a daughter of God. I am good enough! I recently read the book The Help. Abileen tells Mae Mobley every day, “You is kind, you is good and you is important.” Abileen knew the importance of making sure that Mae Mobley knew she was more than what her Momma or the mirror said.

What if we started saying that to ourselves, our children, our family and friends? We could change the world and break the image our minds see in the mirror!

Check out this video of this little girl who knows how to talk to the mirror! http://youtu.be/qR3rK0kZFkg



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